Hakan Yabanoğlu

Hakkari Devlet Hastanesi, Genel Cerrahi Kliniği, Hakkari, Türkiye


Amyand hernia was first described by Claudius Amyand in the literature in 1735. It is a condition in which a normal, inflamed, perforated or incarcerated appendix is located in the inguinal hernia sac. While inguinal hernias are commonly seen, Amyand hernias represent 0.13-1% of these, depending on the degree of inflammation of the appendix. In contrast to its usual incidence, in our clinics, among 119 operated inguinal hernias, three Amyand hernias have been described, two of them with acute appendicitis. In this review, the incidence of Amyand hernia among inguinal hernias was evaluated with our three cases.

Keywords: Amyand hernia, inguinal hernia, appendix vermifor