Engin Ölçücüoğlu1, Güliz Yılmaz2

1Clinic of General Surgery, Iğdır State Hospital, Iğdır, Turkey
2Clinic of Radiology, Iğdır State Hospital, Iğdır, Turkey


Objective: Mastodynia is the most frequent symptom seen in patients who have gone through breast imaging. There are various medical treatment methods in the literature. However; malignancy should be eliminated before starting treatment. This is a prospective study on the necessity of imaging in patients who have applied for cyclical or noncyclical breast pain and found by examination to be normal physically, without a family history.

Material and Methods: Two hundred women below age 30, who applied to Iğdır State Hospital's general surgery department for cyclical or non-cyclical breast pain, were prospectively studied. The ones who had nipple discharge, who had applied for lump in breast, who were pregnant or lactating, who had breast cancer history in their family and the ones who found to have lumps were excluded from the study. All patients went through ultrasound imaging and they were evaluated by the same radiology specialist.

Results: The results of breast examination were normal in all patients. Ultrasound imaging results of 98 (48%) patients were completely normal. 47 (23.5%) patients were observed to have fibroadenoma with an average diameter of 9.6 mm (5 mm-14 mm). 45 (22.5%) patients had simple cysts with an average diameter of 7.8 mm (3 mm-11 mm). 6 (3%) patients were found to have intraductal papillomas and 4 (2%) patients were found to have lipomas. All patients were evaluated as BI-RADS 1 and BI-RADS 2.

Conclusion: There are various medical treatment methods in the literature. However; as it is advised that malignancy is eliminated before starting treatment. In this study, the necessity of imaging in patients below age 30 who applied to the general surgery department for breast pain only, was investigated. None of the patients whose breast examination result was normal had any lesions susceptible to malignancy. Therefore we consider that; if the result of examination is normal, the patient of age 30 or below and there is no family history, imaging is not necessary. Medical therapy can be started directly after the patient is informed.

Keywords: Mastodynia, breast neoplasms, mammary ultrasonography


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Study concept and design - E.Ö., G.Y.; Acquisition of data - E.Ö., G.Y.; Analysis and interpretation of data - E.Ö., G.Y.; Preparation of the manuscript - E.Ö.; Statistical analysis - E.Ö.

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