Şahin Kahramanca, Oskay Kaya, Cem Azılı, Hakan Güzel, Gülay Özgehan, Burak İrem

Clinic of General Surgery, Dışkapı Yıldırım Beyazıt Training Hospital, Ankara, Turkey


Objective: Consultation results of patients who were thought to need a surgical approach and evaluated in the General Surgery Department for diagnostic support and treatment offers after detection of clinical and/or laboratory tests were evaluated.

Material and Methods: In a six months period, 221 patients were analyzed retrospectively. There were 121 male (54.75%) and 100 female (45.25%) patients and the mean value of their ages was 46 (15-102). The departments which requested consultation, reason of consultation, test results and physical examination before consultation; required additional tests after consultation and results of consultations were reported.

Results: The majörity of consultations were from the emergency department (91.9%) and the most frequent reason was abdominal pain (21.9%). There were no tests performed before consultation in 21 percent of cases. Although physical examinations were almost 100% in judicial cases, the ratio was 35% in perianal diseases and 30% in ileus cases. Twenty-one percent of the patients with surgical pathology were operated under general anaesthesia, 9% with local anaesthesia, while elective operation was suggested in 3%.

Conclusion: Currently, it is mandatory that patient management is carried out with a multidisciplinary approach; however, we believe that we should be more selective regarding the consultation results.

Keywords: General surgery, consultation, patient management


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Study concept and design - Ş.K; Acquisition of data - Ş.K., B.İ., G.Ö.; Analysis and interpretation of data - O.K.; Preparation of the manuscript - O.K., C.E., H.G.; Statistical analysis - Ş.K.

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