Lütfi Soylu, Oğuz Uğur Aydın, Sezai Aydın, Necdet Özçay

Clinic of General Surgery, Ankara Güven Hospital, Ankara, Turkey


Appendicitis and endometriosis are commonly encountered surgical problems. Endometrial involvement of the appendix is rare and very few cases have been reported in the literature. True diagnosis of appendix invagination is highly difficult due to variable symptoms. Noting the findings which are in favour of invagination in patients diagnosed with acute appendicitis is of great significance in order to be prepared for changing surgical attempts. This case describes a 34 year old female patient diagnosed with infertility who was operated on for acute appendicitis. In the pathological assessment, endometrial involvement of the appendix was seen. The classification, symptoms, radiological appearance and treatment of appendix invagination described in the literature are discussed.

Keywords: Acute appendicitis, appendicial intususception, endometriosis


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Study concept and design - N.Ö., L.S.; Acquisition of data - L.S., O.U.A.; Analysis and interpretation of data - S.A., L.S., N.Ö.; Preparation of the manuscript - L.S., O.U.A.

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