Derviş Şen

Gülhane Askeri Tıp Akademisi, Askeri Tıp Fakültesi Dekanı, Etlik / ANKARA


The Gulhane Military Medical Academy Department of General Surgery was founded at the Gulhane Seririyat Hospital located in Sarayburnu/Istanbul under the leadership of Prof.Dr.Robert Rieder. Gulhane was later relocated to the Gumussuyu Military Hospital in 1918 when Istanbul was invaded by the French and returned to its original location on October 2, 1923 when conflicts had ceased. In the meantime the General Surgery Department was divided into the 1st General Surgery Clinic and 2nd General Surgery Clinic. Prof.Dr.M.Kemal Öke was assigned as director of the 1st General Surgery Clinic and Prof. Dr. Murat Cankat was named as director of the 2nd General Surgery Clinic. After that Gulhane was moved from Istanbul to Cebeci / Ankara on July 24, 1941. When The Ankara University School of Medicine was founded and located within the Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Gulhane was then moved to its new buildings which are being used as Turkish Land Forces Buildings after the Gulhane moved out. Later in 1971 when Prof.Dr.Necmi Ayanoglu was the director of the 1st General Surgery Clinic, Gulhane was once again moved to its new modern buildings located at Etlik / Ankara. When The School of Medicine was founded in 1980 both clinics were joined together and became the General Surgery Department. The Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Department of General Surgery, which has a capacity to care for 150 patients as well as 17 patients in its intensive-care unit, continues its work to this day with the expertise and dedication of 17 academic personal and 27 fellows.

Keywords: GATA, Gulhane Military Medical School, department of surgery