Osman Toktaş1, Alpaslan Yavuz2, Ümit İliklerden1, Deniz Yılmaz3, İrfan Bayram3


The term splenosis describes autotransplantation or implantation of ectopic splenic tissue within the abdominal cavity or in any other unusual body compartment. In addition to the diagnostic dilemma it causes, splenosis may also lead to persistence or recurrence of hematologic dysfunctions by its preserved immune activity especially in cases of splenectomy due to hematologic indications. Herein, we present a 40-year-old female who had splenectomy for idiopatic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), and was identified to have splenic tissue within left lobe of the liver during further assessment of ongoing thrombocytopenia.

Keywords: Splenosis, intrahepatic splenosis, idiopatic thrombocytopenic purpura


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Concept - O.T.; Design - O.T.; Supervision - A.Y., İ.B.; Funding - O.T.; Materials - Ü.İ., D.Y.; Data Collection and/or Processing - O.T., D.Y., İ.B.; Literature Review - O.T., A.Y., İ.B.; Writer - O.T., A.Y.; Critical Review - O.T., A.Y.; Other - Ü.İ., D.Y., İ.B.

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