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Mohamed A. Alkatta, Abdallah Mejally

Sana’a University, Medical Surgery, Sana’a, Yemen


Objective: This study aimed to estimate simple excision and tension free primary closure and to study its effectiveness in terms of operating and healing time, duration of hospital stay, degree of post operation complications, and rate of recurrence.

Material and Methods: This is study included 78 patients, of whom 71 were (91%) males and 7 (9%) females, who underwent excision and tension free closure. The procedure was based on bilateral side flaps, which were released and dissected 2-3 cm from the edge of the wound. Patient’s age, gender, body mass index, wound healing, operation, drain removal, length of hospital stay, and complications and recurrence were analysed.

Results: The study involved 78 patients, 71 (91%) males and 7 (9%) females. Median age of the patients was 28.5 years. Mean operation time was 44.6 minutes . Sixty-one patients (78.2%) had full primary healing without any complication. No one had hematoma or seroma, but five (6.4%) cases had a minor wound infection and three (3.8%) obese patients developed recurrence. Mean length of hospital stay was 2.5 days , most patients went back to their work within 3 weeks. Median follow-up period was in a 26.2 weak range (1-51.4 weak). Five (6.41%) cases had wound infection and three (3.85%) developed recurrence.

Conclusion: Excision and tension free primary closure were found to be simple procedures associated with lower rates of wound infection, shorter hospital stay, lower recurrence, early wound recovery and short period of being absent from work. Surgery can be easily performed and preferred for cases of non-recurrent pilonidal sinus and cyst.

Keywords: Pilonidal, primary closure, natal cleft sinus, cyst

Cite this article as: Alkatta MA, Mejally A. Excision and tension-free primary closure of pilonidal disease. Turk J Surg 2019; 35 (4): 278-284.


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