Timuçin Erol1, Erhan Reis2, Önder Koç3, Barış Taşbaş4

1Department of General Surgery, Hacettepe University School of Medicine, Ankara, Turkey
2Department of General Surgery, Ankara Memorial Hospital, Ankara, Turkey
3Department of Gynecology and Obsdetrics, Ankara Memorial Hospital, Ankara, Turkey
4Department of Radiology, Liv Hospital, Ankara, Turkey


Endometriosis affects the women during reproductive period and can cause functional disorders. Sometimes general surgical intervention is necessary because of disease boundary. Especially the sigmoid colon and rectum are affected due to the close neighboring. In such a case, treatment must be individualized according to the patient and symptoms. If the lesion has penetrated the entire bowel wall, bowel resection may be inevitable. Laparoscopic resection of the sigmoid colon or rectum can be performed safely in this situation. When laparoscopic resection cannot be possible because of technical difficulties, open resection may be performed for treatment. Here we present two cases, one open and one laparoscopic colon resection performed due to endometriosis.

Keywords: Endometriosis, colon resection , hysterectomy

Cite this article as: Erol T, Reis E, Koç Ö, Taşbaş B. Colon resection for endometriosis. Turk J Surg 2019; 35 (4): 325-328.


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