Necdet Özçay1, Ali Özant1, Kalbim Arslan1, Hanife Özkayalar2, Hasan Besim1

1Near East University, General Surgery, Nicosia, Cyprus
2Near East University, Pathology, Nicosia, Cyprus


Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the effect of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) concentrate on the bile duct anastomosis healing process in rats.

Materials and Methods: Thirty male Sprague Dawley (SD) rats were used for the study. The animals were allocated into three groups: Group I Control Group (n=10): Anastomosis to the common bile duct (CBD) with a stent. Group II PRF Group (n=10): Anastomosis to the CBD with a stent and covered with PRF. Group III Sham Group (n=10): Preparation of the common bile duct, no anastomosis. The animals were followed up for 1 month, then sacrificed. Study parameters were adhesions around the anastomosis, thickness of the bridging bile duct tissue over the stent, and histopathologic examination of the bridging bile duct tissue.

Results: CBD anastomosis using a stent caused severe adhesion around the anastomosis, bridging bile duct tissues were weak and histopathologically, healing was incomplete in most of the control animals. However, PRF application significantly reduced the adhesions, increased the quality of the bridging bile duct tissues, and caused complete healing histologically.

Conclusion: PRF is an autologous, easily prepared membrane. The present study findings show that PRF prevents local complications and increases the healing capacity of the bile duct after CBD anastomosis. Therefore, it might be a new treatment option for preventing complications following common bile duct anastomosis in liver transplantation patients.

Keywords: Platelet-rich fibrin, biliary complications, biliary reconstruction, liver transplantation.


Ethics Committee Approval

Ethic committee approval was received for this study from Başkent University Ethical Committee for Experimental Research on Animals (DA DA 16/08; 15.02.2016 / 16-09).

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