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Emre Gündoğdu(0000-0002-2756-1372

Liv Hospital Ankara, General Surgery, Ankara, Turkey


Objective: Sacrococcygeal pilonidal sinus is a common disease especially in the Caucasians of the Middle East. It has been reported in the incidence of 12-26 in a 100.000 population. Previously thought to be due to etiological reasons of congenital origin, it is now widely accepted as an acquired disease. The optimal treatment for pilonidal sinus disease still has no consensus. The elliptical rotation flap was first described by Nessar in the surgery of pilonidal sinus and reported successful results, but it has weak points. The purpose of this study was to share the findings of the fasciocutaneous elliptic rotation flap technique retrospectively.

Materials and Methods: One hundred and eighty-six patients (149 were males and 37 were females) operated for pilonidal disease with fasciocutaneous elliptic rotation flap between 2013 and 2018 were included into this study. Data of the patients including operation time, wound issues (infection, seroma, wound separation), time required to return to daily activities, complete healing time and recurrence rates were recorded retrospectively.

Results: The patients’ complete healing time was 13 ± 3 days and mean follow-up was 19 (6-37) months. Mean operative time was 43 ± 13 minutes. Mean time of drain removal was 2.20 ± 1.18 days. There were no flap necrosis or ischemia. Postoperative infection developed in two patients (1%). Seroma developed in 7 (3.8%) patients. Partial wound dehiscence occurred in 5 (3.2%) patients. None of the cases developed hematoma or complete dehiscence. No recurrence was observed in postoperative follow-ups.

Conclusion: Fasciocutaneous elliptical rotation flap is a method that has follow-up results similar to both the elliptical rotation flap technique and its modification and can be safely preferred in the treatment of pilonidal sinus with its other advantages.

Keywords: pilonidal sinus disease, elliptical rotation flap, limberg flap, rotation flap


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