Erol Pişkin1, Osman Aydın1, Abdullah Şenlikçi2, Mehmet Yiğit Özgün1, Volkan Öter1, Erdal Birol Bostancı1

1Clinic of Surgical Gastroenterology, Ankara City Hospital, Ankara, Turkey
2Clinic of Surgical Gastroenterology, Ankara Training and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey


Objective: Anorectal malignant melanoma is a rare tumor with poor prognosis. In this study, it was aimed to present our surgical results by reviewing the literature retrospectively in 11 patients who underwent surgery for ARMM in our clinic.

Material and Methods: The patients who underwent surgery for anorectal malignant melanoma in Yuksek İhtisas Training and Research Hospital between 2007-2018 were included in the study.

Results: Four patients were males and seven were females. Mean age was 54.18. The tumor was in the rectum in 4 cases, in the anorectal region in 3 cases and in the anal canal in 4 cases. Wide local excision was performed in 3 cases and APR was performed in 8 cases. Four of the cases were stage I, 6 were stage II and 1 was stage III. Mean tumor size was 4.73 cm, and mean tumor depth was 13.6 mm. Mean number of metastatic lymph nodes was 10.37. Median survival was 12 months.

Conclusion: Anorectal malignant melanoma is a type of tumor diagnosed in late and advanced stages due to lack of specific findings. Although ARMM is rare, when rectal bleeding, pain, hemorrhoids and changes in bowel habits are observed, ARMM should be kept in mind.

Keywords: Anorectal malignant melanoma, abdominoperineal resection, wide local excision, prognosis

Cite this article as: Pişkin E, Aydın O, Şenlikçi A, Özgün MY, Öter V, Bostancı EB. Primary anorectal malignant melanomas: retrospective analysis of 11 cases in a single center. Turk J Surg 2021; 37 (1): 25-29.


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The approval for this study was obtained from Ministry of Health Ankara City Hospital Clinical Research Ethics Committee (Decision no: E.Kurul-E1-20-1399 Date: 23.12.2020).

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