Eyüp Murat Yılmaz1, Erdem Barış Cartı1, Altay Kandemir2

1Department of General Surgery, Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Medicine, Aydın, Turkey
2Division of Gastroenterology, Adnan Menderes University Faculty of Medicine, Aydın, Turkey


Gallstone ileus is a relatively rare pathology, most commonly obstructing the terminal ileum. Bouveret syndrome, leading to gastric outlet obstruction and seen with an incidence of less than 1%, is a syndrome met particularly in elderly patients and develops as the result of cholecysto-enteric fistula. In this report, it was aimed to present a 95-year-old case diagnosed with Bouveret syndrome.

Keywords: Obstruction, gallstone ileus, Bouveret syndrome


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Concept - E.M.Y., E.B.C.; Design - E.M.Y.; Supervision - A.K.; Materials - A.K.; Data Collection and/or Processing - E.M.Y., A.K.; Analysis and/or Interpretation - E.M.Y., E.C.; Literature Search - E.M.Y.; Writing Manuscript - E.M.Y.

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