Burhan Mayir1, Kutbettin Altun2, Mehmet Sercan Ertürk3, Cemal Özben Ensari1

1Clinic of General Surgery, Antalya Training and Research Hospital, Antalya, Turkey
2Clinic of General Surgery, Private Olimpos Hospital, Antalya, Turkey
3Clinic of Endocrinology, Antalya Training and Research Hospital, Antalya, Turkey


Endoscopic parathyroid and thyroid surgery is becoming increasingly common. In this study, we present the results of patients who underwent Endo- scopic parathyroid via unilateral axillo-breast approach (EP via UABA). Three patients underwent EP via UABA. Patients were discharged on the next day after surgery, while at one month follow up all of them reported no further symptoms. Operation performed via two axiller and one areolar trochar. As different from open surgery, the strap muscles don’t pulled laterally and not entered into the thyroid lobe from the midline. In this technique, the strap muscles are separated from the middle part of the strap muscles and the thyroid gland is reached from the middle of the strap muscles. In this way, N. laryngeal recurrence and parathyroid gland that usually located in the posterior aspect of the thyroid gland can be revealed clearly by reducing the risk of complications. EP via UABA can be performed safe effective procedure via good cosmetic results.

Keywords: Endoscopic parathyroidectomy, endoscopic surgery, parathyroidectomy


Ethics Committee Approval

The approval for this study was obtained from Health Sciences University Antalya Training and Research Hospital Clinical Research Ethics Committee (Decision No: 26/12, Date: 12.12.2019).

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Externally peer-reviewed.

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Concept - B.M., K.A.; Design - B.M., K.A.; Supervision - B.M., K.A.; Materials - B.M., M.S.E.; Data Collection and/or Processing - All of authors; Analysis and/or Interpretation - B.M., C.Ö.E.; Literature Search - B.M.; Writing Manuscript - B.M.; Critical Reviews - All of authors.

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