Süleyman Kargın1, Osman Doğru2, Ersin Turan3, Ramazan Saygın Kerimoğlu2, Emet Ebru Nazik2, Ebru Esen2

1Department of General Surgery, KTO Karatay University Faculty of Medicine, Konya, Türkiye
2Clinic of General Surgery, Konya Research and Education Hospital, Konya, Türkiye
3Clinic of General Surgery, Beyhekim State Hospital, Konya, Türkiye


Objective: Postoperative recurrent pilonidal sinus disease is troublesome, and its treatment is a challenge. In this study, it was aimed to present the long-term efficacy of crystallized phenol treatment on postoperative recurrent pilonidal sinus disease through our results collected within the last 20 years.

Material and Methods: Two hundred and twenty-seven patients who had been previously operated on and suffered from recurrent pilonidal sinus disease were enrolled. The operation was applied in our outpatient clinic under local anesthesia. Demographic data of the patients, number of crystallized phenol treatment, duration of follow-up and recurrence numbers were prospectively recorded. Treatment success and factors affecting recurrence were examined.

Results: Our success rate was found as 71.5%. This success rate belongs to the group of patients who never quit treatment and complied with the treatment. The patients were followed up for a mean 45.8 months. Of the post-crystallized phenol treatment recurrences, 72.4% took place within the first five years, while 97.4% did so within the first 10 years. Mean number of crystallized phenol applications was 2.6. The longer the duration of the disease before treatment, the more recurrence was observed after treatment (p= 0.02). There was no correlation between the number of previous operations and recurrence after treatment. As the number of sinus openings increased, so did the number of applications (p= 0.001).

Conclusion: Crystallized phenol treatment yields promising long-term results in recurrent pilonidal sinus disease as well and may be recommended as the first choice in recurrent pilonidal sinus disease treatment since it is an effective non-operative treatment modality.

Keywords: Recurrent pilonidal disease, nonoperative treatment, crystallized phenol

Cite this article as: Kargın S, Doğru O, Turan E, Kerimoğlu RS, Nazik EE, Esen E. Previously operated recurrent pilonidal sinus treated with crystallized phenol: Twenty-year experience in a cohort study. Turk J Surg 2022; 38 (2): 187-195.


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This study was approved KTO Karatay University Faculty of Medicine Non-Pharmaceutical and Non-Medical Device Research Ethics Committee (Decision no: 2020/07, Date: 15.12.2020).

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We would like to thank Süleyman Said Kökçam for his help in data collection and Mehmet Sinan İyisoy for helping with the statistical analysis.