Dr. Ali Rıza TÜMER

Ankara Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Adli Tıp AD, Ankara


The aim of this retrospective study was to differentiate complication and malpractice in surgical cases and to help forensic medicine specialists who work as consultative authority in malpractice litigations. Data based on 540 reviews of malpractice claims between the years of 1995-2000 was obtained from Health Council Registrations.

Current data shows that a considerable amount of malpractice actions against surgeons result from their practicing in other specialies. Informed consent was lacking in majority of cases. The rate of autopsy in cases resulted with death was %57.8.

%50 of surgery malpractice litigations appeared groundless and the incessant exposure to critism and complaints might make surgeons less willing to take risks.b

Keywords: surgery malpractice, litigation