Dr. Cüneyt KAYAALP1, Dr. Cengiz KAYAHAN1, Dr. Vedat KIRIMLIOĞLU2 Dr. Sezai YILMAZ2, Dr. Musa AKOĞLU2, Dr. Orhan KOZAK1

1 Gülhane Askeri Tıp Akademisi, Genel Cerrahi Anabilim Dalı, ANKARA
2Türkiye Yüksek ihtisas Hastanesi, Gastroenteroloji Cerrahisi Kliniği, ANKARA


We investigated the degree of protection of the surgeons from blood born viruses, We asked 24 questions to 133 surgeons with a questionnaire in two hospitals. Only 65% of the surgeons had hepatitis B vaccine. And 18% of the vaccinated surgeons were still seronegative. Fifty-six percent of the unvaccinated surgeons had anti hepatitis B antibody. Almost all of the surgeons wanted preoperative viral surveillance of the patients. More than 90% of the surgeons had an experience with blood contaminated underwear. Eighty-seven percent of the surgeons bounded to continue operations when their hands were cut or burned. Using glasses, double gloves, boot and water-tight-gown in every case were 35,0%,1% and 6% respectively. These protectors were preferred in high risk operations with the ratio of 10%, 62%, 6% and 24% respectively.

Keywords: Surgery, blood born viruses