Cemal Kara, Semih Yürekli, Bülent Özdemir

Karşıyaka Devlet Hastanesi, Genel Cerrahi, İzmir, Türkiye


Volvulus of the small intestine is rarely seen in adults and is usually associated with a predisposing factor. A twenty-three year old female patient is taken to the operation room with the diagnosis of mechanical bowel obstruction. During the exploration, it is seen that a volvulus and a necrosis of a 40 cm portion of the terminal ileum has occurred. No predisposing factor was noticed for the volvulus. The necrotic portion is resected and ileo-ileal anastomosis was performed at the region 10 cm proximal to the ileoceacal valve. The patient presented here had no predisposing factors and the volvulus had occured in the terminal ileum. The symptoms and findings are nonspesific. Mortality rate increases in patients who have developed circulatory dysfunction and in patients having a comorbidity such as diabetes mellitus. The most important factor for decreasing the mortality is early diagnosis and treatment.

Keywords: Ileum, intestinal obstruction, ileal volvulus