Lütfi Doğan, Niyazi Karaman, Can Atalay

Abdurrahman Yurtaslan Ankara Onkoloji Hastanesi, Genel Cerrahi, Ankara, Türkiye


Although rare, some systemic diseases like sarcoidosis, amyloidosis and diabetes may cause clinical symptoms in the breast. This occurence is generally a reactive and inflammatory process. These rare occurrences must be kept in mind and accompanying systemic findings must be considered for an accurate diagnosis. The lesions characterised with local inflammation like fat necrosis and inflammatory pseudotumors might cause some diagnostic problems with their clinical and radiological resemblance to malignant tumors. The clinical knowledge on the relation between inflammatory reactions and breast augmentation and some medications has been increasing with time. As the reactive and inflammatory lesions and diseases of the breast are faced very rarely, detailed knowledge on these issues has not been accumulated. The vast majority of these diseases with reactive and chronic pathophysiologic basis are treated with medical treatments. Frequent overview of current literature on this issue is needed for correct diagnosis, treatment and follow-up.

Keywords: Breast, reactive tumor, inflammatory tumor