Mustafa Şahin, 1 Adil Kartal, 1 Ahmet Tekin, 2 Ceyhun Pekin3

Selçuk Üniversitesi Meram Tıp Fak. Genel Cerrahi AD 1Öğretim Üyesi ve 3 Araştırma Görevlisi, KONYA
2Özel Konya Hospital Genel Cerrahi Uzmanı, KONYA


Purpose: In this preliminary study, we applied Radiofrequency(RF) energy in six patients with liver diseases for parenchymal transection to minimize bleeding or to do bloodless hepatectomy.

Materials and Methods: Of six patients, four had liver tumors ( 3 heamangyomas, one hepatocellular carcinoma) and two hepatic hydatic cysts. Surgical procedures were RF assisted hepatectomy, enucleation, cystectomy and pericystectomy.Results: There was no need for blood transfusion except one case. Liver enzymes was normal after one week postoperatvely except in two cases.

Conclusion: We think that RF will be technique of choice for bloodless hepatectomy in coming years.

Keywords: Radiofrequency energy, liver tumors and hydatic cysts, hepatectomy, pericystectomy