Mehmet Gürel

Dear readers and participants,

First, we strongly condemn the coup attempt against our nation and our democracy.
We express our condolences to all martyrs who lost their lives during this attack as well as their families, and wish rapid recovery to those who were injured. We express our gratitude to the entire medical community who worked with dedication during the events.

We present our latest issue with significant international contribution. In the invited review from Istanbul and Osaka, improvements in the treatment of peritoneal surface malignancies are presented in detail with emphasis on the importance of the selection criteria. In a case series from India it is shown that idiopathic breast fibroadenoma may occur in males. A case of tubulopapillary polyp in the common bile duct from Azerbaijan is also included in this issue.

In an experimental study, the effects of intraperitoneal cetuximab administration on intra-abdominal adhesions and anastomotic bursting pressure were examined in rats with colonic anastomosis, and it was concluded that the results were of clinical value for patients with metastatic colorectal disease.

In a clinical study comparing laparoscopic partial cholecystectomy with conversion cholecystectomy, laparoscopic partial cholecystectomy was shown to be highly effective and safe.

We hope that your interest and contribution will continue to our journal, wish to welcome further issues ina safe and peaceful future, and would like to thank everyone who has contributed.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Gurel