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Turkish Journal of Surgery

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Kaya Sarıbeyoğlu

Professor of Surgery Turkish Journal of Surgery

We are glad to present you the first issue of 2020, which includes various interesting studies. We hope that these outstanding articles will bring you new evidences and trigger your scientific inspirations.

The last year was very busy in the kitchen of our journal, in regards of the“fine tuning”of the editorial work and improvement of publication processes. We have made numerous changes that are -for the moment- not visible for the authors but lead to considerable structural improvement of Turkish Journal of Surgery. I expect that our authors will notice soon these progresses throughout the upcoming issues. In this respect I would like to thank all who have shared their opinions with us. We are always open to your suggestions and critics.

The surgical education and the general surgery as “profession” were always hot topics of discussion and they are still worldwide being discussed. Right after the graduation from the medical school, the professional journey of a surgeon is full of commitments, obligations, efforts and sometimes disappointments. Surgery is not only a medical specialization but also a life style with many academical, professional and social aspects. In this issue you may read two very interesting articles about the surgical education and surgery profession. According to legislative rules in Turkey, one should present a thesis at the end of the residency. Ferhatoğlu and his co-authors analyze the surgical theses in a 20-year period (1). They present interesting data about the qualities of the theses as well as the publication rates in peer-reviewed journals. Furthermore Yastı and his co-authors enlighten the current status of work power of general surgery in Turkey (2). I do believe that these two studies have not only local but also international “take home” messages.

Lastly I would like to remind you all, the biggest surgical meeting in Turkey, the 22nd Turkish National Surgery Congress, that will take place in the upcoming months. It is the most important scientific event for the Turkish surgical family with around 4000 participants. A session about medical publishing takes part in the scientific program of the congress with prominent lecturers. We do hope for fruitful discussions and concrete suggestions regarding the existing problems of medical publishing and the Turkish Journal of Surgery. We look forward to see you all in 22nd Turkish National Surgery Congress in order to benefit from your precious contributions.

We wish you a pleasant and profitable reading. Kindest regards,


  1. Ferhatoğlu MF, Kıvılcım T, Kartal A, Filiz Aİ, Kebudi A. An analysis of general surgery theses set up between years 1998-2018 in Turkey: Evidence levels and publication rates of 1996 theses. Turk J Surg 2020;36(1):9-14.
  2. Yastı AÇ, Uçar AD, Kendirci M. General surgery specialism in Turkey: Work power currently, continuity at quality and quantity. Turk J Surg 2020;36(1):82-95.