Kaya Sarıbeyoğlu

editor of Turkish Journal of Surgery

Dear Authors of the Turkish Journal of Surgery,

It is my great pleasure to address you in this June 2021 issue of Turkish Journal of Surgery. I will take this opportunity to share my opinions about an important tool of the surgery.

Ambroise Paré, the great French surgeon of the 16th century, defined the tasks of the surgeons as follows: to eliminate that which is superfluous, restore that which has been dislocated, separate that which has been united, join that which has been divided and repair the defects of nature (1). Since then, these well-known missions of the surgeons have not changed and even today, we follow the main principles of Paré. Though the basic principles remain the same, major developments in some disciplines have exceptionally helped surgeons in order to enhance the quality of the surgery.

The first one is the great improvements in anesthesia and postoperative care. As surgeons, we should confess that without the support of modern anesthesia we would never be able to perform the current sophisticated operations.

The second important point in the surgeons’ life is the development of new surgical tools and instruments. Surgery is more or less a technical work and our daily practice is surrounded by materials or devices, etc. From basic surgical instruments to the most sophisticated electronical devices, we have to use “devices”. Our work depends on them. In this issue, you will be able to read a very interesting review article by Karaca et al. about the inseparable relationship between endoscopy and surgery (2). The authors are presenting the past, present and the future of the endoscopy. They are thoroughly discussing the important role of the surgeon “not only in performing but also improving” Endoscopy. I would warmly suggest you to read this article.

I hope that you will enjoy this June 2021 issue. As I always repeat: please submit your best work to the Turkish Journal of Surgery!

Kindest regards,

Kaya Sarıbeyoğlu
Turkish Journal of Surgery


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