Kaya Sarıbeyoğlu

Dear Readers of Turkish Journal of Surgery,

Physicians are now surrounded with novel tools of the digital age. However, colleagues from my generation grew up and trained in an environment, where they had neither internet nor digital recording devices. Transformation into the new digital age has been much faster than our mental adaptation. Undoubtedly, young colleagues have a better compliance to every novel modern tool in the practice of medicine, but it is still a growing field.

Institutions -such as medical journals- must also adapt themselves to the changes and stay up to date. A relatively new sort of medical publication is “video article”. Videos are practical, educative and entertaining. As you may also observe during medical congresses, video sessions always attract a great interest. Scientific videos are now inseparable tools of scientific sharing and surgical education.

Many scientific journals are accepting submissions for video articles, few of them pay special attention to these digital scientific products. TJS has welcomed submissions of video articles for a long time. Nevertheless, there are very few video articles in our archives. To be honest, I do consider this fact as our deficiency in adapting to the digital age. To this purpose, we have worked over the Journal’s policy and technical requirements for video submissions during the last two months intensively. Our aim is to welcome more submissions of high-quality and scientifically important videos. Since the current technology of video recording (robotic or laparoscopic surgery, high-definition cameras for open surgery etc.) is very convenient and accessible, we do expect a considerable number of video submissions now.

We have revised the instructions for videos according to current requirements. You may find them on our Journal’s web site. Video articles will have on the forthcoming issues a special place and our aim will be to adapt TJS quickly into the digital age. Please submit to TJS not only your best study but also your best video!

On behalf of the editorial team, I wish you a pleasant reading!

Kindest regards,

Kaya Sarıbeyoğlu


Turkish Journal of Surgery