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Turkish Journal of Surgery

Dear Readers of the Turkish Journal of Surgery,

Surgery is dynamic and constantly evolving with innovative techniques and technologies. One area where surgical education and knowledge dissemination has changed is the rise of video articles. In an era where visualization and interactivity play an important role in learning, video articles are an invaluable tool for both aspiring and experienced surgeons.

Traditional written articles have long been a staple of the medical literature. While they provide valuable information, they often lack the dynamic visual element that is critical to understanding complex surgical procedures. Video articles fill this gap by providing an audiovisual experience that can be more engaging and informative. Surgeons can witness the nuances of a procedure, observe techniques in real time and grasp the intricacies of surgical skills that are difficult to convey through text alone. In this issue, we have a new section. We are pleased to publish the first video article in the Turkish Journal of Surgery (TJS) by Luvira et al, which focuses on a liver transection technique (1). You can find a brief written summary along with a link to the video on our official website. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to submit your interesting videos to TJS.

Colorectal surgery is another important topic in this issue of our journal. While Tırnova et al. discuss oncologic risk factors in rectal cancer in their clinical study (2), Ahmed et al. share their experience on the use of indocyanine green for lymphadenectomy in colon surgery (3). On the other hand, Benli et al. present the results of their important clinical study on preoperative mechanical bowel preparation, a long-debated topic in colorectal surgery (4). I strongly recommend you to read these three clinical studies that can contribute to your clinical practice.

I wish you an enjoyable reading.

Turkish Journal of Surgery


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